Fourth of July

So as you are guessing this post is about 5 months behind. At lease you would be happy to know that when I neglect our blog its for my children's well being. Ha. But still that's a new record for me. Fourth of July was fun for us this year. This time around we went out to a parade in one of the near by townships i can't remember. They had firetrucks, men in kilts, motorcyclists, karate kids and more. They tossed out free candy and free passes to mini monster golf, which we lost of course. But it was by far one of the hottest days ever. Luckily we sat by the over pass and got the breeze from the cars driving past us.

Afterwards we barbecued and did fireworks with our friends and neighbors out front. If anything else I LOVE being able to do fireworks/crackers out on our street. Especially with little kids. Braving the city with strollers would be a nightmare. For now these are the coolest thing they have ever seen and being together at home is good by me!

Us and our new buddies the Johnson's! 

Kay's really wanted a photo of herself with her sparkler. They just LOVED these things. But who doesn't.

And just so we don't forget Daddy, here's our semi traditional photo  before church. Probably his last since he was called as Elders Quorum President a couple months later.

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