1st Edition

Age: 2
Fav color: TBD
Fav bev: water
Fav food: anything

What is there to say about our adorable little guy? Well, he's a sweet heart. He probably is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen, who needs modesty. His eyes are like giants pools of chocolate. He snorts sometimes when he laughs and will eat 99.9% of anything you put in front of his face. Just about everything he does makes me want to laugh, even if I have to pretend otherwise. And he has such a sweet spirit about him that sometimes it just melts my heart.

Over the course of his little existence he has shown us what really is important in life. That's quite the feet, I think, for a 2 year old. He has one of the silliest personalities I've ever seen but can officially temper tantrum with the best of them. He's such a talker and has been since he started. He shocks us every day with the amount of syllables he can put together. And despite life's changes and challenges he managed to get potty trained at 20 months and with few lapses of our chaotic relocation stay potty trained.

He is the kind of child you always pray for. He eats well, sleeps well, nursed great and is well adorable! If he could say anything at any moment my bet is that it would be about trains, airplanes, blimps, Emily, Nate, Papa or Babeball! And it goes without saying he is a great big brother. Even though he basically crushes or nearly suffocates his sister with every kiss and hug! "A" for effort right!