I've been more than a little behind on our blog since I started my Photography business. And I promise I'll be catching up VERY soon. But today I felt compelled to share something with all of you. This last weekend was the Semi Annual GEneral Conference of our church. Through out the weekend I was moved by the talks and instruction given to us by our beloved Prophet, Apostles and Auxiliary leaders. But there is one particular talk I wanted to share. One quote. In this life we often forget that the one people we have to rely on are simply that, people. We forget that we trust in people. That we love people. And that we look up to PEOPLE. And as people we are inherently imperfect.

So please don't forget who we are, who you are and who loves us regardless of it all. 


  1. You did such a beautiful job on this, and the quote is one of my favorites, too. Such an inspiring and passionate talk. So many good quotes and things to remember!

    May I download this?

    1. Sorry so late Teresa! You can see just HOW behind I am. Feel free to download, share or Pin! A little credit would just be apprecited


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