I swear each birthday gets more and more emotional. It's crazy how quickly kids grow and how independent they become. I've been dying to post photos from West's birthday because I put so much planning into it. And lo and behold it was a record high for one of the hottest days in Philadelphia ever that day. Hot and humid...joy. So while the party started outside and with a big group of about 30, it eventually came inside to the A/C and  ended up with about 12 people. But he loved it.

West's biggest thing right now is vikings, dragons, swords and shield. So of course he wanted a "How to train your Dragon" birthday. It was a challenge but it came out great. And for the budget of practically nothing and the fact that he's 3, well he thought it was all pretty amazing.

Fried Viking Ships (mini corn dogs)  & Muddy Boulders (BBQ meatballs)

Dragon Deviled Eggs & Watermelon (lava rocks)

Pegged legs (pretzel sticks)

The training coliseum... 

Complete with viking ship with sails & Shield coloring station

Another viking moving and his big boy gift. His first BIKE!

Dinosaur Egg piñata!

But that poor thing didn't  know how much punch this little girl packed in those little arms! She was right after west! Lol. All the other kids were kind of bummed. So we let them hit the broken "egg".

Face painting for the Dragon trainers! 

And no proper party would be complete without your very own Toothless cake!

Needless to say he absolutely loved his cake!

So did all the other kids. RIP toothless! Lol. 

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  1. I just love how real Toothless's face looks (looks JUST like him!) and how great a job you did on the Dragon's egg piñata!


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