About Me

Where do I start? I'm a mid-late twenties Stay-at-home-Mom to one beautiful little boy, an adorable baby girl and Wife to a sweet and loving husband of now almost 6 years. I started my blogging adventures after moving to the West Coast for my husbands schooling nearly 4 years ago and love the outlet it provides for me and my creativity.

The most important things to me are primarily my faith, my husband, my children and my family. Everything I do and go through on a daily basis is all to help us grow and learn and love one another as a family. Is it easy everyday? Of course not! If you were a SAHM you wouldn't be the one asking such a silly question. But is it worth it? Yes! There is something that changed in me since I've become "domestic" as they say. There is something that comes from the years of being selfless, creative, loving, patient and anxiouse that I've never experiences before. Of course I'm not all that old but I feel like I've finally aquired a knowledge worth keeping for the rest of my life.

This blog started primarily as a journal to keep track of our history of day to day living. And as time has passed it is also a journal of my hobbies and passions. That includes cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting, crafting and photography. Of course I'm not brilliant at any of these things. But they bring me joy and fun in my day and the semi-quiet moments I find for myself.

So here's to my life! I hope you enjoy it. And if you don't that's ok because I love it.