2nd Edition

Age: 8M
Fav color: Hmm..
Fav bev: Yea, you know!
Fav food: Is this a trick question?

We'll I'm sure glad I didn't try to write this little bio about Mag's 2 months ago. I mean what is there to say about a new born! Cause lets be honest, they stay all bruised sticky an sleepy for quite while. But let's be honest, not too much has changed since then!

So her we are now with our little girl. She has an adorable little belly, cute lips, long toes and a recently acquired grin with it's very own curled tongue! From the get go Mag's really was a great sleeper. I'd dare to say she was a better sleeper than her brother. Although he totally gets her on the nursing. Let's just say it doesn't come natural to all babes. Ouch! Big ouch!

In the past couple of weeks she's really become more alert, looks around a lot, makes "cooing" noises and grins at us when smile or sing to her. She loves to sleep in late with me and really loves to nuzzle herself against your chest. Overall, she's a sweetie, our chunky munk and my little white baby! She has a sweet temperament and I can't wait to see her grow up! Slowly or course!