History repeats it's self

Didn''t we already go to Med school, make a boat load of friends and wish them well each year? Well residency and Philadelphia are no different. Alas some really awesome people welcomed us to Philly and left when the summer came. And a farewell wouldn't be a farewell without a BBQ, my camera and about a million kids running in every direction!

The girls. Might I say what a fine photo this is? I mean getting  7 women to all smile at the same time and not be looking for one of our children falling on the playground is quite remarkable. Then there are the men doing the manly pose.

To jump or not to jump. We did. But this akward photo is was more flatering than the one her husband took. Ha.

Sweet Mason. One of the last documented days in Philadelphia with his baby curls.

The Kiddos. Yes, all of them :o)

More Manly poses.

And to finish to all off why not show someone smiling. Shocker, it's a girl!

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