LIttle Miss Party Pants

For those of you who know birthdays in this little family you'll realize this post and almost everyone to follow is 3 months late. Eh...life gets hectic, you have fun weekends as a family and some days I'd just prefer to lay in my P.J's with the kiddos while they watch Kipper the Dog (more often than I'd like to admit!). So here is the super short version of the following events. Action!

The story opens on me, Mommy, dreaming of a fantastic pink circus party for my sweet little girl. I invite about 35 people to the party. I plan. We all get sick. We cancel party. We recover the day before. We call family and friends who don't mind our germs and 24 hr notices. A small and intimate party takes place. Other fun facts:

Margaret's morning was spent in the dirt with Daddy. Your party was planned with love. Your birthday outfit was made with love. Your birthday cake was lovely and delicious. And you absolutely LOVED being the center of attention all day long, especially the attenton from "Uncle" Tyler :o)

Coconut cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream fosting.

Birthday crown made especially to fit her birthday headband!! I'll post later. I'm pretty proud of it! 

Birthday bloomers are never complete without ruffles!

"Umm...are you sure I can just stick my hand in the cake mom spent 4 hours making? Is this some kind of cruel joke?"

After a lot of shifting eyes to make sure she could really and truly just sit there and eat the cake with her hands she finally got really excited. Happy Birthdya again my love.


  1. So Dang Cute. Love to see your little family and how wonderfully you are all doing. Love Aunt Noellee

  2. I love your blog!! And Maggie's party looks like it was beautiful. You are one talented woman!

  3. can't believe you let her destroy that gorgeous cake! :) can't believe how fast they grow!


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