28: Aging

I've decided in the past few years that aging is pretty much my best friend. So many women fear it. Hate it. Can't stand hitting a new age bracket etc. Granted 28 isn't anything huge but for some the that epic nearness of hitting 30 can be scary. But the cliche saying is true, "Women are like a fine wine (or cheese since we don't drink), we only get better with age!"The thing is I hardly recognize the girl my husband met and fell in love with. I feel like that was such a hazy or ugly duckling faze of life.

Without sounding too crazy, on my birthday  I don't feel like an "ugly duckling". Even though I don't recall showering that day. I woke up to a sweet husband, who on his way between hospitals, came home to make me breakfast and bring me flowers. BIG DEAL is case you've ever been in the first year of a Medical Residency! Ha.

Then a very special package arrived that caught me off guard. Something edible, covered in chocolate and all the way from California. The box says it all and I pretty much followed the directions to a T. West thought I got an ice pack for my birthday. :o) Some people just know the way to my heart.

The rest of the day I waited around in hopes that a birthday cake would magically show up in the mail. But alas it didn't and either did dinner if I recall right. But after some puppy eyes I believe I scored myself a Chinese Take-Out dinner. As long as I wan't cooking right? But a birthday isn't a birthday without cake. So after an hour or so of medling in the kitchen and not waiting for anything too cool, just after midnight I enjoyed my own personal key lime jumbo cup cake as the rest of the house slept.

So, Happy Birthday to me.

Note: If you somehow were part of my birthday and I missed giving you credit fear not. I just posted on what I happened to have photos of that day.


  1. Playing catch up? Glad you had a good day and celebrated with a cupcake by yourself :) I embrace age also. I'm living it up in my 30's!!! Best years of my life.

  2. Glad you day was special! miss you!


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