Will you put me in the Zoo?

We finally visited America's first Zoo! Woop pee! Back in California we loved going to the Zoo with West but we'd been a little hesitent since time has not been a luxury out here. Or money for that matter. But we decided i was time. So we purchased out family pass and headed to the city. And it was pretty awesome.

There is an exhibit there that features a couple primates that are not found anywhere else in North America. The kids just loved seeing all the animals and so did Dad. He's such a kid sometimes and that's really what makes him such a good parent. Unlike me, he can just get down and have fun with the kids on their level. Maybe it's an only child thing but true "playing" with my kids is not a natural talent of mind. Now you know my shame! Ha.

West was pretty excite to see the turtles. The biggest was nearly 600lbs! Derek was completley astounded by the size of those bad boys.

Maggie was so good. She didn't fuss at all. She was just happy in her stroller looking around at all the animals. 

 But the whole time was a lot of fun. Until the carrousel. WEst kept freaking out because they were going without him. But once we got on all was forgiven. Until it stopped and we told him we had to leave. The heartbreak of childhood. But he wasn't the only one who loved it. Margaret just loved the carousel!! All in all it was a fun day and we're looking forward to going often whenever time permits!

In case you missed it that's spit on his lip. Whenever he gets really upset now a days he just looses control of his saliva and starts too drool. It's pretty sad and pathetic. But I'm pretty sure it's a planned guilt trip. Too bad it never works. Got to give him credit for trying though.

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