Amish Country

So for those of you who hadn't noticed a huge laps in my blogging I'm very much behind on life. We managed to loose both of our camera chargers and were without a camera for over a month. And on top of that we ran out of memory on our computer since we haven't ever bought a back up in the 5 years we've owned our computer. So things got a little slow. But we deleted the unnecessary, got a hard drive and got a charger. If you already heard that story I'm sorry. So let's do a little catching up

Back in February we decided to go out to Lancaster county. I really wanted to take Derek to this restaurant we had visited without him last summer when his parents came out but it just so happens that they were closed until March! Such a bummer. But I got to go shopping for fabrics and we went to perhaps the coolest Amish store ever. They had amazing homemade toys and wood works. But our favorites were the horse and buggy bicycle! But I'm afraid $300 was a bit rich for our blood. So it was off to a buggy ride, lunch and the quilt displays. My husband loved it! Even without Stoltzus Farm. But I do plan on going back once it's open and we have money and time! And uou may be surprised but my husband appreciated quilts. I mean they are amazing.

( He was so excited to drive the buggy)

And any family trip wouldn't be without a good laugh. Derek pointed this out in case you couldn't guess. 

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