Easter Weekend

(Fact: This guys paid $2.5 Mil for this Historic home. And everybody knows it. LOL)

Easter is in the month of April, fact. I'm writing a post about April in the month of June, fact. I'm a little late, obvious. But since I had no camera to use for Easter my selection was limited and it did make me a little said to not have hundreds to choose from. But now that my pity party is over I get to relive the fun.

Easter was pretty great. The week before Auntie Jodo, her boyfriend and Aunt Lins  came out to spend a few days with us. It's always fun having some more people in the house. Even though our time was short we tried to make the most of it.  Since Jodo's BF hadn't been here before we decided to go to Center City for all the historical sights. After we decided to do a horse and  buggy tour which was actually my favorite part. Those drivers know a TON about the city. Not just history from the books butall the small and fun details that made up life in that period. I won't lie, I've always been sceptical of those horse rides but I'm a believer.

After our ride we, as in the guys, decided we would be depriving ourselves of additional culture if we didn't go visit the Rocky statue. I don't get it. I probably never will but that's alright. SO off we went to try and find some parking and trying not to get ran over. And of course running up the steps is a must. I stayed behind with the sleeping baby of course. I know, I missed out. Ha.

We also went out to eat at the BEST Cheese Steak place we know, Chink's. Yes, we've been to Pat's and Gino's. No, we don't like them. Chink's is amazing, more affordable and has a larger sandwich and great charm. Not to mention a unique name!

 Eating at Chink's with Lins. Funny memory, West was super excited to go see Tad and thought some other guy was him and ran up and hugged his leg. When he realized it wasn't Tad he looked like he saw a ghost and ran back to the table. Once the kids were asleep that night we all headed to see the Sixers hoop it up. Too bad non of us checked the time. WE ended up being over an hour early. But on a fun note we were the firsts, literally, to get free airbrushed Sixers tattoo's! Awesome, I know.

The next morning was Easter and it was time for everyone to head. So we quickly searched for Easter baskets, painted some eggs and gave lots of Good-Bye hugs and kisses.

Since we didn't have any family for the actual "Easter" Day we decided to get a group together to have Easter dinner. That group turned out to be 22 children and adults. Needless to say it was quite the gathering.

Why collect the eggs when you can open and eat as you go? Notice our little chubby thighs coming out? She's so cute
Her first Easter egg hunt and first egg!

We had tons of delicious food and everyone had a really great time. It's nice to know we have our  church family when we're away from home. And of course it begin Easter we had to have an Easter Egg hunt. It was Maggie and her friend Morg's very first Easter. Might I add how tempted I was to crop myself from this photo? What's with my neck. But it's proof that I was there. So I'll take what I can get. LOL.

All together it was  event filled weekend with family and friends.

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