For whatever reason one and two feel far morelife chaning that three. But regardless I feel that the new age of 3 has brought our little guy to a whole new world. Maybe it was his new haircut for his party or maybe it was his anticipation every day before we great verbal skills. But our Son is very much now a little boy that gives of glimpses of the big boy he's quickly becmoming. Your birthdays come too wuick each year West and we can barely keep up with you. But we'll always remember that once time, once long ago you were our little baby boy.

Here's to our "Big Boy" and hig big day of becoming the cutest, dragon fighting sentimental heart breaker we've ever seen.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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  1. I totally thought you were announcing you were pregnant with your third kid when I saw this haha Love you! And you have the cutest kids ever!!!


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