The Show must go on: Stripes

Missing: 2 Canon chargers for our camera and video camera.

Can I just say that I feel like my whole life has fallen apart without my camera charger. Some how, somewhere my poor little baby has gotten lost or trapped. Since he's left my camera has been left dead, begging me to take photo of all the many splendors of my life. But alas nothing can be done. So it's time for plan B, the cell phone! Not the best quality but it will have to do!

Last week I finally had a girls night at my place so my friend could throw one of those Jewelry parties. What is a better excuse to buy stuff that to have a girls night! So I prepared invites, made up the menu and began to panic. People at my house? Wait a tic. Things are still not, well, not the way I want them. So the couple weeks before were spent in honest thought of what I could manage to accomplish considering all the other responsibilities of my life fighting for my attention. I cam to one conclusion, it had to be big, bold and simple. And since the food and gathering would take place in the dining room that was my focus. So let's take a look...



I know what you're thinking. How is painting stripes on your wall simple!! Well that's because it's not paint. It's Con-Tact paper. Man was my husband glad to hear that since we're not allowed to paint in our rental. Which presented the largest problem for this paint happy gal. But he never would have guessed.
And neither did each and every person who walked in my house since! So do you want the details.

"Short" Version:
Cut the paper in long stripes and then cut those in half, hot dog way, and put them on your wall! Make sure your hands are clean!

"Long" Version

1 roll of white 18"x 25' Con-Tact paper

- Measure the length of stripes needed and add 2"
- Cut determined length
- Cut each strip in half length ways to give you two 9" wide strips in needed length
- Peel, from sticky side, away from other layer
- Match your edge to wall edge and press down firmly with your palm
- Slowly pull backing away and press paper flat to wall pressing out bubbles
- repeat until finished!
- Stand back and be amazed (or make some temporary wall art to finish it off for girls night)

That's it!! Isn't that awesome? Now I know this isn't the best photo but the moment I have a charger I'll take another photo and post it. Just think, no more boring walls. Next is a wall treatment for my craft room. Oh and did I mention they have Con-Tact chalkboard paper! Let's be honest, that chalkboard paint is a bit pricey.

 And in case you're wondering, the total cost of the stripes makeover with personalized "F" wall art was $5! I got my paper at Wal-mart for about $4.80 with tax. Everything else I already had (razor, cutting board etc.)


  1. I love the stripes. So clever! Did you see it somewhere (the contact paper idea) or think of it on your own? I will be honest though and say that I think the space needs something other than the F. (But that's my personal opinion.) And I didn't realize that you kept the farm table. Fun!

    1. Yay! I finally figured out how to reply to comments :o) Yea..the F is a temporary thing. I just wanted to put something up to tie the colors together since we're getting the big piece up soon and the fabric has mostly the colors we're going with. Derek HATES that fabric. I believe "resurrected" was his word of choice when he saw it made its way here. The contact was a semi inspired idea but the stripes thing I'd never seen anywhere. So for crating that's probably as "original" as I can get.

  2. awesome! who knew it was that cheap and easy?!


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