The Red Dress

We all have those few items of clothing our Mom's decided to keep from when we were little in hopes that one day our child would wear it too. For me it was the little Red Dress. The only thing was that when I wore it I was just 6 months or so. When I got it in the mail I was so excited but afraid. Our little M is a bit quick with the growth factor and was nearly 10 months already. But as luck would have it her neck stopped growing! Ha. So here is a bit of history in the making. Maybe one day my granddaughter will get a photo in this dress too.. Funny thing is neither my Mom or I have ever been very fond of the dress! Haha. But it's a memory non the less.



  1. Cute! Vintage. It's nice you have pictures of yourself and now Mags. Is she a complete walker now?

  2. Oh yea J! I think we gave up crawling permanently about 6 weeks ago. We're moving into speed walking now.

  3. Seeing you and her side by side it's so crazy, I could cry! Seems like just yesterday you were that little and now she's wearing your dress.


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