Some Odds Going On

Warning: Individuals with tendencies for impatience may have photo/blogger overload.

Well I'm so far behind on all the things I've wanted to post about lately that I decided I simply needed to do a themed post to cover all the things we've done.  Thus the title to this post. While not all of these things are "Odd" to everyone or normal people, they all posses certain odd or unusual qualities to us. So in a nut shell this is the Odd Goings On of our life lately here on the Eat Coast.

Hmm..ok let's be honest this really is odd, just not to a toddler! LOL! One afternoon a few weeks ago West came to me asking me to help him floss. As you can see from the photos he didn't really grasp the concept that floss is really just for your teeth.  And of course that was the only pack of floss I had. But it was new and they usually last a long time. Lesson learned, always have a back up floss package.

 Three weeks ago we ventured out to the city and visited the Please Touch Museum. The odd object here was the giant replica of the Statue of Liberty's arm and torch made up of old toys and recyclable materials.



Here is the sweetest moment with Mommy smiling because he's having such a good time. Then there is the realization that we're going home. If you think this photos sad you should have seen it when he ran away from me with his hands flaring and "skipped" the last 3 steps into the concrete. Not a great way to end out fun morning. And while this place was completely awesome for a toddler and all their inherit needs to touch and play with everything they see they really should name this place the Please come and expose your child to every possibly kiddie Germ know to Man. I  know that's a long name but it's far more accuurate. By that evening our poor boy was gripping his tummy in pain. He spent the next week on the potty, a toal of 7 days with a fever, loss of appetite for 4 days and finished off with an ear infection that I'm going to blame on all the other items as a group effort.
The poor guy after skipping dinner to go lay on the couch because he was "cold".

The next odd going on for us is our new garden! Yea...I was proud of myself in college for keeping a plant alive for 4 months(miracle). After that my darling potted plant I got for graduation, because I tricked my MIL into thinking plants lived on my house, suffered death 3 times! So for me more so than the hubby this is odd. Especially since we're being very ambicious with an 11' x 5' plot. To name a few were groing Peas (planted already), tomatoes, carrots, squash, cucumber, garlic, radishes, Watermelon and a bunch of other stuff I can't recall. And I'll tell you, that ground was NOT very condusive to garden life. I spend a good week outside digging and cutting out old tree roots! I'm pretty fit now! ;o)

 Maggie tried the dirt and quickly decided that it was pretty disgusting.

This girl absolutely LOVES being outside. Just sitting in the grass, crawling in the dirt or watching dad dig a hole keep her entertained for hours (literally)!

 West that he should give dirt another try I guess. Yea...he didn't like this time either. In there defense it does look a lot time crumbeled chocolate cookies! Hmm...not that we have those but still it's quite chocolatly looking.

And finally to wrap it up is the HUGE airplane kite. Yea..it's not really "Odd" or unusual but it is West's first kite ever! So that's pretty special (an alternative word for unusual in the thesaurus).


 So I guess all of these little pieces fit together just right. They're all special, different and ours.


  1. That sweet little sad picture of him wrapped up on the couch "cold", so sad and so precious! good job gardening! i think you'll love it, I sure do!

  2. Love the big airplane kite. Maggie looks so much like your mom. She's a doll.

  3. I love the picture of West on the piano! Looking so grown up :) Can't wait to see how the garden goes. Good for you!


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