Little Lita

After my last post this morning my Mom and I spoke. She told me that the photos of Mag reminded her of the only photo she basically had of herself as a little child. So she sent it to me to compare. And man oh man is there a likeness. Especially given the similar looks on their faces. I can see where Maggie gets that serious look from. Bit the eyebrows, eyes, lips and over all lower face is so similar. It's crazy how she can have so many attributes of so many of her family members all at once. It's what makes her Maggie!

FYI: My mom is the toddler on the right, not the baby. Although, she looks like the baby too now that I look closer. That's my mom's younger sister whom people always ask if they are twins! Go figure.

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  1. I keep saying she looks exactly like your mom.


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