One Year with Margaret

Right about this time a year ago I was sitting in my hospital room waiting for Derek to drop off my Mom and West back at our apartment before getting ready to check out of the hospital. It was just you and me Margaret, lying in our fashionable hospital attire snuggled up in that hospital bed while random television programs flashed on the screen. You were so tiny, so precious and so new.

Now here we are a entire year late. You're beautiful! You're so sweet, affectionate, funny and yet so tender hearted. You can stand up to your brothers daily harassment but you can't stand me leaving the room. No one makes you laugh like Dad and West. You walk like a champ, climb stairs like a mountain goat, eat like a teenager and smile like the day is long. You're our little girl but you're not so little anymore. Moving cross country and starting a whole new life weeks after you arrived really took from some of the moments we had with you so for 8 months of your life I'm proud to say I neglected many responsibilities, especially house cleaning, to spend more time by your side.

As I sang you to sleep tonight I kissed your soft cheeks. They're always so warm and make my heart melt. You've brought so much love into our home. We are so grateful that Heavenly Father entrusted us to take care of one of his most beautiful little spirits. To say we love you would be an understatement. We adore you and wouldn't be a family without you.

Happy Birthday Miss Margaret. Life has been that much sweeter with you by our side!




  1. Awe!!!! That's sure heartmelting stuff! <3

  2. :) we thought about sweet Maggie yesterday on her birthday, my how this year has zipped past! Happy Birthday!

  3. So happy to see your updates on your little family, and I'm so thrilled that you are doing well. Love seeing the pictures and hearing the everyday happenings. It makes me feel like I'm there experiencing the wonder and awe of your little children growing up. They are so adorable. I wish everyone kept a blog like this. It is so wonderful! Even though your're far away, you seem a little closer. Love you all.


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