Forgetful: Tree & Palmyra

Hmm.. I guess technically I can say that I meant to do this post separately since it really was the conclusion of the month of November. But in reality we were getting a tree for Christmas. So judge me if you must. Before Thanksgiving we got some exciting news that we had to take off some vacation time before the end of the year. Yay. The my Mom decided to come out and visit us before the holidays. Super. So the weekend after Turkey coma we headed out to get our Christmas Tree.

If you don't know us too well yet, getting a tree is a big deal for us. In reality it's pretty much the entirety of our Christmas decorations and the one family tradition that we've established together. This year will mark the 4th year I believe. We normally went with our good friends back in California but alas not even your closest friends can move with you across the county on a whim. But we both carried on the tradition regardless of the distance.

We found a great little farm out in the country about 2 hours away from us. It was a pleasant drive that took us through an= charming little town that almost seems as if it were deserted. The farm was beautiful! It was just getting to sundown when we got there and initially it was super bright outside. Then suddenly the sun began to set a bit and lighting was quite majestic. There were thousands of beautiful trees to choose from. In fact for the first time we couldn't pick just one. Usually it's a scramble to find something decent but this year it was more like "this one is slightly less symmetrical than that one".

When we finally found the tree someone was not a huge fan of cutting it down and tried to run for the hills. Good thing I had a cheese cracker packet. After wards we went down to the tree shaker (pretty darn awesome), saw the animals and had our share of free hot cocoa. Then we loaded up, had some lest than amazing dinner at Boston's and headed home.

Three days later my Mom arrived and the kids were so excited to see her. It had been 6 months since we left California so the visit was long overdue. Maggie had grown like a weed since then and was a totally different baby than the one she last saw. So after some food and some family time we got ready to leave for up state New York. We left in the late morning and got there in time to get some dinner at Mc Donald's. Classy I know. It was kind of awesome but we were the only people staying at our Hotel, besides the workers of course.

The next day we got up early and got some breakfast before heading out for the day. The whole reason for the trip was to visit our Church's historical sights. The hubby had been there before but neither my Mom or I had ever been. I was so excited to visit the temple and the Sacred Grove and the other historical sights in that immediate area.

All together we visited the visitors center, the Smith's Farm, The Book of Mormon publication site  and the Hill Cumorah. I was shocked how quickly we got to see everything. And it was a good thing since the weather got ugly really quick on day two. ON our last stop for an outdoor visit we took maybe 5 minutes to see the Hill Cumorah. But with that cold weather and light rain that was about 4 minutes to long. I don't think I'd ever gotten so bitter cold so quickly in my life!

 I just love the photo of the kids at the Sacred Grove. It really sums up the overall feeling I had there that afternoon.

  Although the vacation time went by fast it was great to finally get out and see the sites beyond our own neighborhood. When we have a chance we'll have to head back to New York and see Niagara Falls. There is no way you could pay me to have driven another 3 hours with screaming kids to see a water fall that mists you in the dead of winter.  Definitely a summer trip!


  1. So sad we weren't there to get a tree with you guys. Keep up the tradition that we started 4 years ago!

  2. how fun! we went as older kids, and it was really special. And you'll love Niagra falls, that was awesome too!


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