Bow Ties for everyone!

Probably one of my favorite things to make for my son are Bow Ties. He's just so darn cute as he roars at you like a lion dressed in his SUnday best. ANd what's more, he LOVES them. Every time he see's me in my office he ask "Mom are you making me Bow Ties?"..."I luh-v my Bow Tie". Evidence, first bow tie...

How cute is that? Ever since then he's wanted to be just like Daddy and put his tie on. Now as adorable as that tie is/was I wanted to perfect it. I wanted some more body to it so it would hold it's own. Introducing the NEW  Bow Tie!

I just love them! They're nice and thick to hold their shape, they're not to big or too small and they're versatile! Truly. West can wear it to church on Sunday, Mag's wears it out during the week and I'll put it on when I just want to look cute! So come one and come all. Join on the tie generation. These bad boys are available in my ETSY shop! Or if you're local to the Philadelphia area feel free to see my line on homemade "Love" items at New Girl Boutique!


  1. as I was reading the post I thought "she should sell them!" low and behold you are! good luck!

  2. put a bow on it....


    love it. just made a bow tie for a girl having a little boy soon. It came together fast and was so cute. Never really thought of making them for the girls though. New headbands on the way!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I LOVE bow ties, and they are hard to find good ones! I want some! Etsy here I come:) p.s. your little family is so stinken adorable- hope you guys are loving phili!


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