Christams 2011: Wrap Up

It's been so long since Christmas and I've honestly been avoiding the post on it. Christmas is just so involved with so many events that I wasn't ready to dive into the hundreds of photos that got downloaded in the month of December. But if I don't get these up before Valentine's Day Easter I think I might have to hide under a rock for shame of being called the worlds biggest procrastinator!

Early in the month we had Aunt Lin's come visit us from D.C. West just loves it when she comes to visit. And since it was near Christmas or December, they got to open their little presents early! The best one had to be the gingerbread house. Truth be told, what kid doesn't like the idea of building something with candy and cookies! It was his first gingerbread house ever. Mine too now that I come to think of it. Only problem was we didn't let it set long enough and it collapsed. Good thing we're not contractors!

That same weekend as I headed to get groceries I saw that Santa was at the grocery store. He was only on the clock for 15 more minutes but for some reason I had to try. Even though early on Derek insisted that we were not going to support "Operation Santa".  So I jetted home, got the kids and Derek, got everyone dressed and drove back. We got there right at 11am and they let us sneak a photo. Maggie wasn't really loving the experience but at least she didn't scream. West refused and hid in the car shopping cart with his free candy cane.
The rest of the trip was spent getting our food while everyone gawked at Maggie in her adorable christmas outfit saying how adorable she was and what cute kids we have! :o) Ok...braggin about my kids segment is over (but she did look cute)

One of my  favorite moments during the month was gift wrapping. Nana had sent a very large present for Aunt Lin's (turned out to be for me. woo hoo x 100) so I thought what better fun than having the kids "decorate" it. There were a lot of crayons sacrificed that day.  I don't understand why kids HAVE to break crayons and chew/eat them. Strange. Moving on.

Since Maggie is older now and smiling, crawling and was on the verge of walking we figured now would be a good time to get some updated family photos. The first being after she was born at the hospital. So we were due for an update. We didn't have anyone around so we just did them ourselves. Nothing fancy just us!

And of course Christmas isn't complete without treats. Chocolate toffee crunch, butterscotch caramel truffles, sugar cookies and old school fudge. And some brownies with a kick for a Christmas party we went to. Personally i liked the brownies a lot but they are definitely more for the adventurous individual.
( What do you call a hungry kid in the kitchen? A dishwasher)

Christmas Eve was spent home with some of our close friends and their kids over a nice ham dinner. We spent Thanksgiving together too. It's really nice to have a piece of home out here away from home. We're so glad to have our friends out her throughout our entire residency.

Christmas morning was great. It was Maggie's first Christmas! We skyped with all our parents so they could see the kids open the gift boxes they sent. We had a good breakfast and got ready for church. A while ago  Derek  mentioned he was sad that I never sing anymore. So a couple months ago I arranged to sing for Christmas at church in a duet with a friend of mine secretly. It was a lot of fun. That evening was spent with some new friends, we love making friend, and the missionaries from our church. Since I expected 6 missionaries and only got 2 it's safe to say that I had LOTS of left overs!



Overall it was a simple Christmas and that's something that we've grown to love. I know lots of people love to go KUH-RAZE-EE for the holidays and that's great. We're just not those people really. With all the craziness that life naturally provides it's the one week, give or take, where we are guaranteed time together as a family. Time to be thankful for the small daily blessings and to not want more than what we already have.

 Although if you ask the man child he's very grateful for the new airplane he got.  There! It's done. Now time to for St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. if it makes you feel better we haven't posted about xmas either! :)


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