Trestle Farm Table

WIth my little desk gone it's time to move onto the next project in the garage. I've been so excited about this one and I'm worried I might be tempted to keep it when it's all done. I scored this awesme Trestle Table a couple weeks ago and am wondering what color to paint it.

I'm leaning towards Cream or a Dark Red like the benches I recently did in October. But the top will be stained and possibly the benches too?

What do you think? Take the poll on the top right column above the " HIM AND HER" photo and pick a color. And should i stain the benches too? Let's see if this beauty can be finished by the New Year so I can get started on "The Beast".


  1. I think with a natural stain on the table and benches a dark brown would be cute on the bottom legs. Antique red would then be my next choice.

  2. You should totally keep that! Unless of course someone makes a good offer for it. Your recent projects are awesome! I would go cream, but don't think you could really mess up with anything you would chose. Merry Christmas!


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