8 months with Maggie

(I know this may not be the best photo technically but this is what I see when I think of my little girl)

I can't believe it. Margaret your life thus far has been nothing more than the quickest fleeting moments than I've ever experienced. So much happened at the time of your arrival and since you've joined our family. But you roll with the punches and are always down for a laugh.

 You love to eat (understatement), love to cuddle and be held (understatement) and dislike being caged in the hamper by your brother (understatement). Bath time is your best friend and bed time your foe. You still refuse to sleep through the night but we figure it's that indescribable need and love for nourishment that causes the trouble.

You are adorable. Most people say they've never seen you cry or fuss. Except me of course. You wine and crawl after me around the house all day muttering "Ama", "Mama", "Meh"and "Neeehhhh". The last one being more of a grunt and is a signal for the need to refuel. You have the most stinky little diapers I've ever smelled (again understatement) and you wiggle like a mexican jumping bean each time I try to change you.

No one can make you laugh or snort (fact) like your daddy. I've tried but I get funny grunts. You even find your brother far more amusing than me and could laugh at him all day (until the hamper comes about). And although you eat anything you can get despite the fact that you still haven't broken a tooth, share a room in the big kids bedroom as of 3 weeks ago and have begun to walk (12.31.11 first step), you are most definitely still my baby girl.


  1. Wow! Walking at 8 months - way to go Mags!

  2. oh she is so so cute! I could seriously copy and paste this post word for word and just replace the pictures with ones of Kobe and it would explain him to a 'T' at 9 months. except for the walking and teeth part, kobe's not quite as advanced in the walking scene, and he is cutting teeth like crazy which makes for a not so nice baby anymore, especially to his mommy. (which again sounds like were in the same boat there)
    anyway such a cute post! love and miss you guys!

  3. So sweet! And I can't believe she's walking already! Man, you just don't get a break, do you?! :)

  4. you sure can make eating machines!!! and walking?!! what a show off! :)

  5. It's weird but in the first pic where she's smiling really big she looks like grandma Scharff! When she laughed really big like that, her nose would wrinkle up just like Maggie! Miss her.

  6. oh my goodness...this brought a tear to my eye! you have such a beautiful family and I love being able to read things like this!


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