"Officially" Announcing Maggie

I promise I had an announcement picked out for our darling baby girl before she was born. But with moving cross country and and everything else that happens following large moves and birth, well it didn't happen. In fact I flat out forgot for the longest time until I was thinking about CHristmas cards. This is sounding a lot like our son's birth announcement. So without further adieu here is "THE" "official" announcement for the birth of our sweet little girl (after many drafts). And yes I'm aware I did a double quotation mark.

And for those family member who are heart broken you don't have this as a hard copy I'm sorry. But just get it printed on a 4x6 in a Matt finish and pretend we mailed it to you 6 months ago! Maybe on baby #3 we'll do better.

Sorry Maggie! But we promise we were too busy giving you all our love!
Photographed by the talented Kimber Hansen

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