In our neighborhood many blue lights glow at night. Since we moved her we've wondered why.  I asked my neighbor what they were for as we had approached the weekend. He seemed a bit taken back as he glanced away to the ground.  He said they were for Officers who died in the line of duty.

Ten years ago on September 11th I was being woken up by my mother for School earlier than normal. As she shook me awake she said "A plane crashed into the towers". I remember thinking that I must still be asleep. How could a plane be crashing into a huge building in my life time. As I stumbled out of bed and made my way to the living room there it was on tv. This building on fire with a plane logged into its side. A few moments later came another.

I think in many ways I was still too young in that moment to understand what was happening. I mean I didn't even know what the twin towers were yet. It wasn't till arriving to school that it sank in. We all sat in our early "O" period class huddled together listening to the news. What I remember most was my friend beside me with her knees to her chest rocking. She knew someone who worked there. A close friend or relative. And there she was sitting waiting, wondering whether they were alive or lost in the rubble.

I'm not going to sit her and pretend I know all about the war and that I have a stand one way and condemn those who think otherwise. All I know is that so many selfless people died that day. Saving people they never knew and would never really meet. Mothers and Fathers embracing their children, I can only imagine, as they realized their plane was about to crash. But I have such comfort in knowing that they are at peace. That they are loved by their Father in Heaven, whether they have known him or not.

Its comforting to know that blue lights glow. Serving as a reminder of brave men and women who have given their lives serving to protect those around them. Be it when our country is attacked in such heart wrenching events or the events that effect our communities each day. To them and those left behind we owe a great Thanks.

Thank You.


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