Just the everyday

 I always see those adorable photos of kids falling asleep all over the place, in the middle of eating, standing up, the list goes on. But my kids have never been that way, until last week. In the midst of playing with her new and basically only toy, Maggie just killed over, really. I heard her sucking on her toy like a mad man as I was cleaning up in the kitchen and then it got quiet. I figured she might have dropped it and needed a hand but this is what  I found...

I have to say it was pretty adorable. Especially when she woke up all confused with a nice imprint of the rug on her forehead. Besides that our little girl is growing at a rapid rate. She Coo's, giggles and laughs when you tickle her. She loves being sang to. She's been teething for just over a month and I think the worst part has passed. Now she just loves to gnaw on anything she can get her hands on. She even has taken to her teething ring.

As for the little man of the house, well he's an adventure each day. Whether it's sitting on Maggie like a horse, having a tantrum, trying to run around in the buff or just wondering into not so kid friendly areas causing mayhem, he's always up to something. But here is a small quirk of his. After he's finished eating something he always stacks his dishes. It's his signal that he's all done.

So there you go, just some of our daily happenings!


  1. So cute!! I can't believe how quick she is growing up.. I'm just in love with her chubby little cheeks!!!


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