365 days till 30

I don't even know where to start. So I'll start with this photo. Here is the man I love with the two most important little people in the entire world. I'm so glad we have this single moment to remember just as it is. Derek's birthday was great. Not at all what we'd hoped or planned but great. Instead of having a car for errands I hustled in less than 2 hours to run errands with the kids in the stroller nicely tucked and warm while the constant sprinkling got me a bit damp. We hurried home to make a cake, throw in some wash and clean up the house a bit. And as luck would have it Derek got home early from work, YAY, to find his cake melting, no dinner on the table, a not so beautified wife with frizzy hair and babies screaming all around.

Hun I love you! You're a wonderful Dad. I love to laugh with you and at you. I love talking about every frivolous subject and then the most tender things in our lives. You've been such a patient and loving husband and I only hope I can be enough for you in return. I'm so glad you were born and most grateful that we found one another. If I could, I'd make September 20th a holiday! So here is to the man in my life.  

Happy Birthday! Enjoy 29 because it's going to go fast!


  1. What a sweet picture! Your kids are adorable :) Does this count as speaking? Haha.

  2. You've got it right!! What a sweet family. I love reading about you this way. I wish everyone would keep up their blogs like this. Love you all. Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew who I love like my own. Angel - I can't reiterate enough that we are so blessed and fortunate to have you in our family. You are thoughtful and deep. Those are two of the sweetest little babies I have ever seen. You all are very blessed!! Love you. Aunt Noellee


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