Here it is everyone. The chapter you've been waiting for. For just over 4 weeks now we have been enjoying our new life on the East Coast. Despite all my many fears I knew this was where we were meant to go. And with all that faith everything just managed to work out. 

Our flight out was the dreaded necessity of my life. I mean two kids, two flights with a layover isn't exactly what any parent dreams about. But we knew it had to be done. I mean, at least we didn't have to drive. Thanks Nana and Papa for that HUGE load off our back! But as luck would have it the kids were great. Both of them and Daddy fell asleep during our first flight. Even I took a little nap. The layover was surprisingly quick and productive incorporating pajama time and dinner. WE even had time to make some new friends who just thought West was a riot with his chucks and tractor pajamas.

Then we headed for the second leg. And who knew, the boys watched about 30-minutes of Nemo before the player died but happened to be as we prepared for our landing. Once we handed I could taste the air and feel the jet lag start to kick in a bit. So to make this part quick Derek grabbed the rental with West and Mags and I grabbed the luggage. I know that must seem odd that I got the luggage but that's just how it happened. It's not like I knew where to go get the car anyway. This was my first time here!

Once we loaded up and headed out I was excited. Then Derek almost got us in an accident. THen I was a bit nervous. As we pulled into the neighbor hood I couldn't wait to be, well, Home. It seemed, although a relatively smooth transition, a very long transition to this new place where we would be raising our growing family. But when we opened that door and I looked at this wonderful house that was ours I finally felt at peace!

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