Moving Day

Where do  start. Well, we got to PA on the 11th/12th (late flight) and our truck arrived 7 days later and a total of 3 weeks after we left California. Needless to say, life without any furniture and 2 kids and no hubby (he was at orientation) was a bit uncomfortable. But finally the day came. The two semi-friendly, not so pretty smelling, light on the manners movers showed up with our stuff. After a minor tiff about not having the correct payment method, not to name names but it wasn't MY fault, we were unloading. And to be honest we deserved the tips. I swear Derek unloaded 1/2 that truck on his own while the two burly Russians took about a 10minute smoke brake every 15 minutes! 

 So here is what our house looked like after the sweaty men left...

 (L: Kids room, R: "Our" office)

This is pretty much the layout of the two rooms. They are side by side just like this an about identical in size. "Our" office as I mentioned was supposed to be a guest room/craft room. But "someone" decided they needed an office after all. I mean, I was getting a craft room so I guess he felt entitled to extra space too. Ha!

(View of Main floor from front entry stair well) 
 The main floor is cut in half by the stairs. The living room looks onto the backyard while the dining room is adjoined to the kitchen.

 We actually left the couch and entertainment center where they are here. The bookcase is on the other side. Then there is the kitchen. Can I say one big "Hallelujah"! A kitchen! A real kitchen. Amazing appliances, a huge fridge, window to the outside world, new never used cabinets, tile floors and a DISHWASHER people!!!

 Then there is the master bedroom. It's big! It is the same size as the living room actually. The 2nd floor just mirrors the divide set by the stairs. So besides our normal furniture we also fit our rocker in the room so I can finally wake up for night time feeding (as needed) and rock myself back to sleep too!

As of today nearly every box is unpacked with exception to the plethora of items I couldn't fit in the kitchen. Crazy as it sees but I like to cook and bake. And to do that  I require lots of "junk" as the hubby so affectionately call it. Junk or not, he loves it and wouldn't have me any other way. In the mean time we'll be finishing up our kitchen island we're making and I'll slowly be acquiring and fixing all the items to fulfill my design plans!

Oo...I plum forgot about the basement. Don't worry! I'll post a photo later when I do before and after photos. 

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  1. Wow! What a great house! Lucky!!! I'm just so happy not to be managing apartments anymore :)

    Can't wait to see it all decorated.


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