Gosh where do I begin. After leaving the good state of California we headed to Utah to say our last good-bye's/see you laters to our extended family and friends. We spent nearly two weeks there. In a nut shell we all (Mom, West and Mag's) got sick the very next morning after a=flying in. So we spent the first 4-5 days sick as dogs and miserable. I was by far the worst and felt like death laying lethargic on the couch. It's a good thing for Grandma's who have no problem scooping up the kiddies are out of commission. So I clocked out for a few days. But we still had lots of fun. There is so much to cover so I'm going to cheat and do a lighting quick recap. After all there are 26 photos of this post!!

West discovered the 4-wheeler. Despite his facial expression he LOVED them and requested a ride every evening!

 He enjoyed running around in his britches, as Nana says, playing baseball all day and winded down with an evening drive! He was so cute "driving" big red in the drive way. Still drives to climb in the drivers seat each time we go somewhere. 

 Mag's got in some vitamin D!

We also got in A LOT of bathes! Here they are after their 1st bath together! (Fact: West's first "together" bath was with the twins. I heard it was a blast!)

 West "hung" out with his big kids cousins, he especially loved "hanging" out with Jansen. He has always had a fondness for him.
 Sitting with Jansen..

 Tickling Jansen...

 Chasing and hugging Jansen! Hugging Hawk!

"Wrestling" Jansen! Ha! Or something like that. Jansen was a good sport and didn't seem to mind all the extra attention too much.

Mag's just cuddled her way through the vacation. She dropped her head with the location of each and every willing shoulder and chest!  

 Or lap! (Daddy' lap in Bear Lake)

We also got a chance to go see our friends and their adorable kids. With Cache and Kobe at the game...

 With Daddy and Uncle Al...

 And of course this is what Mag thought of baseball. What can I say, for us latin girls, baseball is somewhat of an aquired taste. Took me 4 years.

 Then we got together at Uncle Mac's for a BBQ. The older kids hit the swings while the smaller ones were cuddle buddies. Our newest bud Holden! So freakin' cute I might add!

 Love this photo of Cache!

But as this was a trip it too had to come to an end. Starting with Jo-do and Sagen, who's name I probably spelt wrong. They left early on a road trip so we had to say farewell a little sooner.

 And of course any trip anywere would not be complete unless West picked himself up a new girlfriend! Well lucky for her! She just left on a mission and chances are of all the guys, West will definatly be around when she gets back home!! LOL! 

So here we go folk on to good old Pennsylvania and our NEW life!!

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  1. oh my gosh, you've been gone for like no time really, and west's face shape is already changing! He's losing the baby round shape and getting longer and skinny! can't believe! We miss you guys!


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