Familiar Faces in Philly

(I had to have a picture of this!)

One of the redeeming factors of moving across the country as that we happen to have a few friends out this way from California! Yay! A couple of these friends happen to have gone through the Med program with us and we even attended church together. We were so excited to have old friends around to be with. Granted they are a 40 minute drive. But the way to a friends house is never far! So our first Sunday, well day actually, we drove on out to see them. I hadn't seen Shae and the kids since West was nearly 6 months.

 (West would only let Shae hold his hand when crossing the street! Little booger! Ha!) 

The kids had a lot of fun. It was so awesome to see the kids playing outside with no worries of shootings and muggings! Their neighborhood was so adorable so we decided to take a walk around and get some "fresh" air.

How adorable is this house! I just love the carriage style garage doors!

We even got to see some fire flies at the little stream by their house. I'm from California, so I've NEVER seen a fire fly before!  So I think we'll be making it a goal to hang with our friends each month. Next on our list is Joe and Jenny!

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  1. Ah, Shae! Miss her. Wish I could come out and visit.


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