Graduation: Hello Doctor Florek

On May 27th 2011 I watched my sweet husband walk across the stage after 4 hard years of studying and be hooded as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Together with his parter in Crime, J, they have spent countless hours together studying, working at the cadaver labs, sleeping through class, scavenging for free food from around campus and cutting more than their share of toe nails in the endless hours of rotation after rotation. So incase we have not told you guys enough, we are so proud of you!

Derek's Dad with his denial face! Yes...even those manly eyes got "misty"!

 Of course our parents all came out for the big event as did Derek's siblings. It was such a great day filled with many tears from everyone. Yes, including both genders thank you very much!

 In case you're wondering, his Sisters are not twins!

And his Brother is not any type of thug! LOL! Although with that facial hair you never can be too sure! Couldn't help it Al. Had to mention it.

  Our buddy Aiden showed up to support the boys! You guys are the best!

The Doctor and the Doctors Wife!

The Doctor and his "other Wife"! Kind of an inside joke! We always teased them that if something ever happened to J and I they would be alright as long as they had each other. That's what happens when you share a peach! LOL!

LDS Class of 2011
(Missing our friend Kristen! Dang it!)

 LDS Wives Class of 2011
(Of course missing Dave, Kristin's hubby! He still can be in the Wives Class!)

So to all of our friends...WE DID IT! We all survived with a couple bruses and tons of debt! But it was worth it. You we're all worth knowing. We know we've made some amazing life long friends along the way.

So hats off to the SMU Class of 2011! Here's to making it through Residency!


  1. Amazing how fast time flies!! Have so much fun on your new adventure! Sometime Jord and I are going to make a trip out to the east coast...I'll keep you posted.

  2. Thank you for allowing me to participate at least this way. It almost feels like I was there. So fun to see everyone in their graduation gowns and hats. I'm so proud of my cute nephew. What an amazing accomplishment. I'm also very proud of your little family. Such a beautiful family too. Angel - just love you and those babies!!! What great experiences you are having. I know your parents are proud for sure. Looking forward to more. I'm sure you will keep me posted. Missing you! Love Aunt Noellee


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