Blessing and a Birthday

Looking back on this weekend I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that it's OVER! And in the same breath I absoloutly didn't want it to end. The last week of May, just after my birthday and the Graduation ball our family flew out to help with our move to Pennsylvania. Since everyone would be here we thought, I thought, " What a great oppurtunity to have Mag's Baby Blessing and an early birthday party for West!" It's just too bad our apartment was in boxes and I was still in a sore recovery from giving birth. 

Some come that Sunday we all got dressed up and headed to Church. I almost forgot to mention that we both spoke at Church that Sunday as well. As our Bishop said "It's seems to be a Florek farewell". First thing was first. Once we were all settled and finished rounding up family Derek took Maggie up to the front with our family and dearest friends who were able to make it and gave her a name and a blessing. Of course I was a bit teary eyed, but I was also trying hard to remember the things he said so that I'd be able to write them down for he later. Then we both talked. The talks went well, I think I spoke a bit too long, but I was too emotional to be bothered with time constraints. As Derek began his talk the chapel began "to weep" (aka leak). I didn't say weep, the Bishop did, but it did make for a memoral last Sunday.
 After we finally made out of the chapel, hugging and crying every few feet it seemed, we snapped a few family photos. There wasn't as much time to stop and enjoy the moment this time. Too many people, hungry people, tired kids and no amateur photographer to take advantage of. Because I forgot to ask in advance of course! Like I said, glad its all over. Then there was the party...

That's right the little guy was 2 months shy of two and I couldn't allow him to celebrate his birthday without all his little friends he's known since we was born. So I baked a cake, sewed up a banner and wrapped a few gifts. It was great. Uncle Jake and Auntie Rachel let us have the party at their place since ours was a war zone. We BBQ'd burgers, enjoyed some cream soda's, watched the kids go nuts with their train whistles and watched West attack yet another Birthday cake.

 Three methods of consumption... Fork, dismemberment and big boy bites


He was way excited about the plethora of Doggie gifts. Just didn't capture it on camera.

Not all of our friends were able to make it to the party but we still had a great time. It was probably better that way. Because once it was over I was doing all I could to stop myself from collapsing on the floor. And I'd prefer to do that in front of as few people as possible. If that doesn't make it memorable I don't know what would! I'm not too sure if he'll remember that when he's 20, but I'll be sure to remind him of that for the rest of his life!! :o)

 And Since we rushed out of Church we grabbed a few last photos with Margaret at the party.

Good-Bye hug for his buddy Ath! 

 This moment alone was worth all the chaos! 


  1. You guys ended up speaking that weekend? WOW! You had a lot going on. Don't know how you pulled that one off, but everything looked great. We somehow avoided speaking all together. Not sure how that happened - guess we weren't as loved as you :)

  2. Yeah, I thought you were CRAZY for taking all that on after giving birth, moving and have family in town. You are a SUPER women for all that. I love the pic of the boys hugging so cute. We miss you guys tons!

  3. so sad I missed it all, and yet I'm glad i wasn't there balling my eyes out!


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