Graduation Ball

To start, I really wish I had an embarrassing photo of J&J eating their dinner to post as my main photo! But life isn't always fair.  ;o)

We had been waiting for this night for a while, Janelle and I. Why? Because it meant we go to go SHOPPING!!! Without our kids! Well without 3 kids, Mag's was a given since she was barely 2 weeks old. But we hit some of the stores in town having a few laughs as we tried on dresses from Sunshine Brazilian Yellow to Bright Pink. Shockingly enough we didn't find a dress that day! But we both had better luck during our birthdays. J and I share birthday week! Come the GRaduation Ball we both looked pretty good! It's amazing what an hour and a half of shower, hair and make-up time can do for a Mom!
 (Yes..I'm sucking it in for dear life! Have mercy on the women who just had a baby and keep the honesty to yourselves! Ha!)

Now I really thought I had grabbed more photos that night but I think it was to dark and we decided to just wait till graduation. Or maybe they got deleted? Who knows. Either way, the food was DELICIOUS, our dates were HOTTIES and we weren't too shabby ourselves. I'd like to say we danced the night away till 2am. But considering I was still recuperating and all I was spent by 10:30. But we did finish the night off with the Sundae bar!

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