O-town Good-Byes

Well here it is, my official first blogging post from the Humid State of Pennsylvania! Ok, that just sounds so weird. I mean when you grow up in California your whole life you never imagine you'll say "I live in Pennsylvania"! But that's life. So there are so many things that happened before we left. So lets get started.

Here is a photo of Margaret at just 2 weeks. My Grandmother gave her this vintage Doll she's had for a long time in hopes that one day she would have a granddaughter. So we'll be using it as a measuring stick. We tried to visit GG as much as we cold before we left considering we only had a couple weeks. So that was one visit. THe last was for GG's 90th Birthday bash. While we were there we got to say Good-Bye to all our family on my Dad's side. That included West's cousin Lucas. Seriously, he is such a doll. they had fun just being outside while my Cousin blew tons of bubbles in the air.

 West was absolutely mesmerized by all the bubbles. Its moments like this I wish he would just stay small forever. His curiosity for life is just amazing.
 Now, considering we had a practically 2 year old and a two week old I think this photo came out pretty good! I mean, you can see everyone's faces right? That's all we can ask for sometimes.
 After the Birthday party we just stayed home and waited around for some of the dreaded goodbyes. Yes, these were pretty brutal(understatement). One of the firsts was the Twins. In reality I don' think they really got what was happening since they were like "Bye" and then booking in either direction to go about their day. But we did. I feel terrible for al my good-byes, since well, I tried to be a void of emotion. I would let all my friends embrace me and choke back the tears while they got all disheveled. When they said bye I would just nod and wave. LOL! I'm sorry ladies. But with postpartum hitting hard and having to pack I couldn't loose my bearings

 Oh Amy! I hope you forgive me. Neither of us showered this day so we weren't thrilled with the thought of taking a photo but knew it would be our last one together.
 The next good-bye was on my Birthday...
( My birthday gift from West)

 It was  a repeat for me. Three years ago on my birthday our frieds Scott and Toni had left on my Birthday. They lived in our building, so we spent so much time together. Having dinners, game nights, movie nights, you name it! So it was Scott and Toni all over again, except we were Scott and Toni. And despite what you might think "Dimber", I lost it the moment we drove away.

 Can I just add how much West freakin' LOVES Nate! Don't let that face fool you. He still asks "Where Nate go Momma?"
 However, I'm confident Mag's would have loved Kimber the most!

As the days went on I noticed that all the Good-Byes got progressively worst. East probably slowly eating away at my armor I had put up. But there was one, THE ONE, that really caught me off guard. Perhaps because I always just have seen this person as a fortress of strength. Someone who can roll with the best of them and someone I highly admire. But when "they", to remain gender neutral, started to cry...ball even I just lost it. It's those few moments when you realize just how much your friends love you and how much they mean to you.

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  1. We miss you so much! thanks for posting the ugliest picture of me possible! :) J/K


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