The Dress: A labor of love

Yup, definitely worth it! This post is mostly for me. I made Margaret's blessing dress (find pattern here) and it took me  6 long months. I had never taken on such a large challenge and I'm glad I did. It's too bad Mag's came out a little chunkier than I had anticipated! But it still fit, barely! So here it is, to give proof to all my efforts for my chunky munk!  

 Back detailed with Great Grandma's Vintage buttons Circa 1960 (aprox)


This is probably the best photo I have of her with her bonnet on. The darn thing just kep slipping off because I secured the ribbon wrong and was too busy to fix it. Oh well. I'm pretty sure everyone of my girls will be wearig this so I'll have at least one more chance, I hope, to get another photo.  Overall, it just made the day that much more special for me. Our first family heirloom!



  1. Angel that's beautiful! You are so talented. Good luck with your move! And congrats to Derek!

  2. Been waiting for these pics! Did she wear the hat? Can you take some pictures of the dress I made, I never got around to it! Don't need to post the pics, just want to keep it for reference and show my sister and mom. thanks!

  3. you amaze me, I totally thought you were crazy for taking that on! But it turned out super duper! as Barney would say :) love you!

  4. That dress is beautiful! You must be so proud cuz I"m pretty proud of you! :) M & M productions are still in full swing! lol. I love you!!!

  5. This is gorgeous! I had no idea you crocheted so brilliantly. Bravo.


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