Easter Fun

 (Despite my puffy face it's still photographic evidence that I'm alive! Take what you can get right?)

This year we had such a great Easter weekend. Yea, last year was cute, it being West's first and all. But this year he knew what was going on and just loved every moment of it. All of our friends were invited to our Friends families house/ranch. It was so great. We got to spend all our time outdoors barbecuing and chatting while the kids enjoyed the safety of a HUGE enclosed yard that went on for days! Well at least it seemed that huge for us apartment dwellers without the luxury of a yard.


Once the eating was done it was out the door for the eggs. Even though some of the bigger kids had an advantage, all the small fries still had a blastt running half the yards length for a single egg.

Once we were egged out we had some more play time and headed to the hot tub! Even me! That's right, don't worry birthing pools are 98-103 degrees so it was perfectly safe. By the time the kids splashed to their hearts desire it was time for bed.

It was the perfect way to spend the weekend. Just spending time in our huge friend family. The sad thing is that might be the last time we all will be getting together. Time is running so short and there is so much to do now. But that's what photos are for, right!

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  1. loved it! so much fun, and sad that it's one of the last things we'll do together! :(


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