36 Weeks

I've been falling behind on the belly updates. Needless to say I'm getting pretty big now being 36 weeks. Or should we say more around 38. As of my last weeks appointment my Midwife said I'll probably be delivering before she gets back from vacation, which is the 2nd of May. And we don't think we're just that early. But given we were dated at 5weeks of the pregnancy there is a far greater window of error when the object your measuring is smaller than a grain of rice.

Either way, we're not too occupied with my exact weeks but we're eager to get a better time frame of when to expect the little peanut. I guess today would be a good time to get that hospital packed and get the car seat ready to load. In the mean time here is a belated 32 week shot, 36 weeks and 36 weeks in the comparable set. I thought we should compare me in the same outfit I had been wearing during my first pregnancy photos at the end for a better measure of the two kiddos.

(L: 32 Weeks; R: 36 Weeks)

(L: 36 Weeks w/ Baby Girl; R: 36 Weeks w/ West) 

Wowzers! My tummy is sticking way out there with this one! And if it's true that we're 2 weeks ahead of schedule coupled with the fact that she's apparently already 7lbs, I guess that explains it all!

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  1. did you try to coordinate your outfits? you're disgusting! :)


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