With baby number two you really have just about all the basic things you need. I mean, you already have a crib, a dresser, burp rags you name it! So when we were asked what we might want for a "bigger" gift this time around there was only one thing on my mind...

That's right, a not double wide, way more awesome double stroller from Phil and Ted! We finally got the chance to test drive it last weekend. Since our Buddy Ath came along and is already accustomed to being top rider in his stroller we figured we'd let him have shot gun. West didn't mind one bit. The second the stroller was up he hoped right into the little co-pilots seat.

Can I just say what great invention this was! So thank you Phil and Ted for coming up with a stylish way to tote around two kids, in over 6 configurations I might add, and still have it be light enough to push up hill! And thank you to loving parents who like to spoil their kids and grand kids!  :o)

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