Baby Boy

It's been an interesting past couple weeks. There have been small instances where I feel like West may not adapt as well as we might hope to the new baby. But of course there are times when he seem pretty excited. Just 2 weeks ago we finally got the bassinet set up and ready  to go. The next morning when I was getting dressed I turned around to see this...

Tha's right. He took dibs on the baby's bed. We spent the whole week crawling in and out of it and lying down. We just hope he refrains from doing that while she's taking a nap.  Last week, we were babysitting double H. He was a litte fussy that day since he hand't napped yet so I decided to sing to him. It works with West so why not. So I started to sing the first song I could think of. But it happened t be one of West's night time songs. Immediatly his little chin started to shake and his head dropped. He started to cry and then ran screaming down the hall into his room. I think itss safe to assume he felt like he was being replaced.

Then this week while Daddy was reading our bed time books our little boy just slowly drifted to sleep in Daddy's lap. West is not the type of kid who falls asleep in our arms like that. As long as something is going on he's wide awake. For a small moment it was like we still had our little Baby Boy, just in a much bigger body.

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  1. awwwh, so cute. Loved the song story, but sooo sad. i think he'll love her, but it will definitely be an adjustment!


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