A Cake for Cate

Have I ever mentioned that I'm an amateur Pastry Chef? Well....I'm not! But I'd love to be. I recently felt the need to bring in a little bacon and thought "why not use my skills!" So within a couple hours of my plead for willing customers I was an employed baker! But this wasn't just any job. It was to be a birthday masterpiece for my childhood friend of count them 24 YEARS, little baby girl! No pressure.

After a change in my schedule by nearly 2 days, a few hiccups with my fondant and a nice long drive to the valley I had completed the job. I have to admit I was pretty happy with myself. Of course I got the natural response from my husband...shock! I swear he has very little faith in my abilities. That or his expectations are low and I surpass them each time. I'm going to go with the second for the sake of my pride.

But nothing was greater than seeing little Cate take her individual cupcake topper and gently eat every little edible pearl I so lovingly placed on top! It was so adorable. Would I do it again, yea! Would I drive another cake out to the valley....NOPE! Let's just say I drove like an old lady in snow storm. I don't love what that did with my nerves.

So here it is. My edible creation for Cate!


  1. This cake is really cute you did a really great job :)!!!!

  2. ANGEL!! You did a GREAT Job!! So adorable!! You should go into business ;) it turned out great! I'm very excited to see you guys over the holidays.. woot woot!!

  3. Beautiful Angel! Seriously... gorgeous!

  4. Holy cow that is amazing! How did you learn to do that? Seriously AMAZING! Kambree turns 2 next month, want to make her a cake and drive it to Utah?

  5. I remember Cate and one her friends having so much fun picking each little peal off the cake and eating away! I wanted one too, but thought was too old to ask for some!!

  6. So professional. Great job Angel!


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