"Trunk or Treat"

Is there any better holiday than Halloween? Well, yea! But it's still is a lot of fun if you're a little kid, have little kids or just love giving kids cavities! But let's be honest, its a lot more work than our picture let on. For instance, I just barely "finished" my costume upon arriving at our Church's Trunk or Treat this year. Pay not attention to the fact that I have no sleeves at my shoulders where there are strings dangling! Shocking? Not really. But let's not go on about how I procrastinate...let's see all the photos!!

Why is it so funny when little children cry and scream in photos? I guess it makes it more memorable!

West practicing some Indian giving with Tiger Lilly! "Want some Junior Mints?"..."Ummm...No!"

 And let's be honest, some costumes just blow the rest out of the water. This year I'd have to say it was the Double J fam with the entire Peter Pan Crew! Sooooo AWESOME! They had Tink, Peter, Tiger Lily and Hook (or a pirate). But I do have to say my Prince of a Frog was adorable. He had the best time running down the hill looking for more treats to put in his bucket. Chuck it up to good parenting that he never face planted it in the asphalt! Or good "grand parenting"!

 Sorry you couldn't be there Dad! But hey, you've got the rest of our lives worth of screaming children with costumes on sugar highs right!  :o) Brace yourself!


  1. children make halloween fun and cute. great costumes. you and west are adorable--as ever.

  2. :) good times. i need to get all the pictures of my kids from you before you leave!


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