Jelly Belly Time

 I don't know about everyone else but I have a big warm fuzzy spot for Jelly Belly's. Perhaps it's the variety of flavors. Or maybe its that when you drive 40 minutes away to tour the factory they let you eat as many samples as you want and even throw in a free sample bag! I guess I'm easy to please. Either way, we hadn't been there as a family yet so I dragged the boys up for a little field trip the first Saturday morning Derek had available.

It wasn't too long of a trip but we still had fun. That was until we decided to stop for lunch. Why on earth when you drive 15 minutes out of your way from the freeway to find a healthy meal option you are only left disappointed to find it's been replaced and decide to go with Chinese instead? BAD IDEA. I was already feeling under the weather with a side of nausea. Say, lets throw in a cup of grease to fix that right up! I hope I learned my lesson.

But here are to the more pleasant memories we made and a day we just got to be together!

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