Once Upon a time: UT

(Just love this photo of them. It's like an  opening scene of a fairytale...with a prince!)

 While we were back visiting Elder Florek we also got alot of family time. D's cousin got married so our biggest event was probably the weding. It was so cute, bright and cheerful. Plus his new Wifey is a total Latina bomb Shell! Who doesn't love that right! But it was so fun. The venue was local for us so it was nice to not have to drive very far with the little man. Especially since children weeren't allowed at the reception. Can't blame them!! Nothing ruins weddings like a psychotic child throwing a fit. Wrong kind of memorable! :o) But the most memorable part for us was our sun being hit on by a 4 year old little girl. She just kept folling him and eventually he wouldn't leave her side. She told her mom "Mommy, come see th baby he's so adorable"'. They played, they danced and of course they kissed! This kids going to be the death of me. He's probably kissed more girls than his Dad has at 15 months! Ha!

 Wanted to Photoshop this a bit for a warmer feel but I was too lazy!

 The special Girl!

And we lived happily ever after....most days!

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