Boating: UT

 A trip back to Utah would not be complete without a boat and a lake. Like every other day on the lake I'm usually pretty excited for the sun, relaxation and the chance to even out my tan lines. THat was of course, before I had a kid! Can I just tell you know that I was a little paranoid the entire time, fearing my child might slip from someones arms like a wet fish and fall out of the boat! Talk about having a simulated heart attack.


When we got on the boast he was pretty excited. Of course we were just loading at this point. We weren't moving yet and there wasn't a life vest on him just yet! Once we pulled that vest out there was no more smiles. He just cried and fidgeted and had a little melt down. I was pretty sure that was what the rest of the day would be like.

Captain Fun

 Captain Panic

Eventually he got used to the vest and had some more calm moments and even smile and laughed a couple time. But it's definitely not his idea of fun being strapped into a padded vest that's nearly the entire length of his body. 

I think all of us got on the water durin g the afternoon. Except Grandma I believe. She refuses to lose her spot as "babysitter" when we visit! Even I got up, considering we hadn't been coating in two years. Buts lets just say non of us are going to Extreme sports anytime soon!
After skying we just headed to the beach to rest and have a snack. West found out that sand isn't the best thing to eat. I'm just grateful he spat it out instead of piling it in there to test it out some more.
And of course the day always ends with the much abandoned and needed nap. Overall, no deaths, no fatalities and my nerves were in tact. A successful day at the lake!

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