one, two, three, FOUR...you're the one I most adore!!

I love you Hun. Glad I found you and even more glad that I lured you in! 
Happy Anniversary!
 (Our romantic and very thoughtful night out on the town!)

I would have loved to post this yesterday, given it would have been exactly 4 years, but alas apartment managing had gotten the best of me. But all the same yesterday we celebrated 4 years of marriage. In reality that doesn't seem like a vast amount of time to most people, but it went by like it was four weeks. Each held some exciting events but didn't seem nearly long enough and have already come around yet again. So I guess it feels like a month!

I think I'll share one of my favorite memories of the Wedding Day adventure with all of you.I have to apologize ahead of time to all who were there. We got married on a Saturday. But before we left to CA we had a reception in UT the thursday before and left first thign friday morning to drive the 14 hours my Mom's. It was the two of Us and all of Derek's siblings. As they stopped by my apartment to pick me up a small debate ensued. In the back of the Tahoe was a bonus seat where Peppa was sitting. But the question was can we manage to keep an extra seat and still fit all of my stuff (like my wedding dresses! Yes, I had moer than one, don't ask!). Peppa said yes and the rest of us said no. After 15 minutes of rearranging and manuvering it wasn't happening. All I can remember after that was my brother-in-law, bless him, turn around in the back seat and screem very authorativly at his sister and say in so many words to suck it up, give it up and just get in the car. Let's just say I'm giving the G-rated script. Everything after that is a bit of a blur. But you can picture him continuing on with his sister very boustrusly, Derek ripping the extra seat out of the car like a crazy man and me standing in the parking lot (wedding dress inhand) sobbing out loud with my head held up to the sky. The next 5 hourse of driving, needles to say, were pretty quiet. But somehow we managed to make it through the 14 hours driving, car running out of gas and greasy KFC.

Our wedding day went a little bit betterm, considering I still ended up crying and nearly hyperventilating with my head in between my legs as we drove up to the temple nearly 2 hours late. But that's another story.

Today I'm honestly married to my best friend. And like the drive to California our marriage has been filled with unexpected "surprises" that sometime cause me to be standing in parking lots or other desirable locations crying aloud. But they've been worth it. This last year was a hard one, I can't lie. There were so many more challenges, struggles and pains than I guess I had imagined possible so early on in a marriage. But that's just life. And it depends on how we get through those moments that determines whether it will better us or break us down. And if you know my husband there is only one option. As he always says, you've got to "get through the gauntlet".

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