I know I posted the tiniest little clip for West's first birthday, but I never got a chance to show him off in his birthday suit!!

I bet you thought he was going to be naked! Anyhow, his birthday was spent down in S.D while Daddy was doing a rotation at the hospital. So we went down to join him. How could anyone think I was going to let our first child spend his first birthday without his best buddy in the whole world. Let's be honest, he loves me but Daddy gets all the laughs. As you can imagine it being the big "ONE" I had so many ideas in my head of what to do. But as life goes non of that quite planned out. So we got the next best thing, or the first really best, a party with his two favorite people...us!

We spent the evening together celebrating with authentic Mexican food and homemade cake! I know everyone does cake but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So it was zucchini bread "cake" instead. Either way I guess it didn't really matter since the moment he tried fondant the cake became obsolete. As far as gifts go, well he got to be with his Dad. And I guess he did get a new set of P.J's that I forget at home and never wrapped. Like he'll even remember his birthday right!?!

All that aside I think I would describe the event as, well, perfect! Just like West!

(By this point his sugar high slammed him into a wall, not literally but you get the idea.  I really need to get some better photos of him in his little outfit, you know "frame worthy"!)


  1. Very cute. You did a great job. I've been waiting to see the pictures.

  2. How I LOVE this guy! GREAT job on the onesie, love!

  3. Wow I'm so impressed with your cake skills!! And your little man + party set up was adorable. Yes Angel.. it would be awesome to open up shop together. Maybe in a few years? :)


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