Belated Fathers Day

Letters to our Father's, inspired by RCcola

Dear Dad: I miss you terribly. It's been 8 years since you've been gone but the memories I have of you are still vivid. I'm lucky to have had you as a Father. And although I wish we had more time together and wish you could have met West, I know everything happens for a reason. We'll see you eventually. Until then know I think of you!

(Only photo I had on hand of me and my dad that was decent!)

Dear Big Papa: Every kind and loving attribute I remember about my Dad I can see in you. You have been a wonderful example to your children of honoring your priesthood and I could never be more thankful for that. Where I may have lost a Father I gained one as well. I love you so much and hope that I make you proud as a wife to your wonderful son and mother to your sweet grand baby.


My Dearest Husband: Where do I begin. You are a natural father. You are everything I never thought I would find in a husband, if I ever found one at all! And all of those things have been magnified as I see you love, care for and provide for your family. I know your hard work and faithfulness will be one of the greatest examples you could ever give to your children. And I know our son will grow up to be honest man if he follows in your example. We love you and miss you every moment you are away, working and providing for our well being.


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  1. that is so sweet Angel! I love it! And, don't worry, baby West and your daddy met in heaven before he came to meet you! :D love you girl!


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