The Cabin

So for Father's Day we decided to back to Utah to visit my Sister-in-law since she gets so little time to come home from School. We all headed up to the family Cabin to get a little R&R. Since I was hands free the whole trip I decided to take advantage of some photography time for myself. I just love how some of these photos came out. Just think, with a new lens they could be even better! Hint Hint!

We got just a little time at the lake since it was a bit cloudy. But someone didn't mind at all. He loves water and being in nothing but a diaper. However, he is not much for the sand. I tried giving him some and covering him in it but he just wasn't impressed. It looks like he's just like Mom! What can I say, sand in all the wrong crevices is not my idea of fun. But he loved being in the water and playing with his shovels Grandma Lo gave him.

We also got some nice time with grandpa taking a stroll around the Lake. Usually he hasto work much of the time we visit. On our walk is where we met all the Moo Moo's. He was in complete shock at the size of the cows. But mostly he just loves being with Gramps and Nana.

Since it was just a couple weeks from West's first birthday we decided to throw a pre-birthday celebration for him while we were with the family. He loved the ice cream, but just don't give a kid the goods and then expect him to open gifts patiently in chair with a spoon in his mouth! Once the ice cream was back all was forgiven!
All in all it was a good trip. I mean, I wish flying was a better experience but there are some things that just don't mix. The airport and babies are one of them! 


  1. Hey - no fair. We missed the party!!!! It was so fun being there with you, Angel, and little cutie pie West. P.S. Those pictures were incredible. You are so good! I wish I could take photos like that. What an eye you have. Anyway - I am looking forward to seeing you, Derek and West when Alex comes home. Love you all. Aunt Noellee and April

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