Not 200

So for those of you who may not know we are apartment managers for our building. I know, you must be thinking "Why are talking as if there is someone out there who is reading your blog who doesn't know you and follows you like some fan club". Well, who knows! LOL! But back to the story.

So about two weeks ago I had a long night and finally got to sleep. Then at 7:30am the phone rang and I jumped out of bed for fear that it would awake my son. I don't know about anyone else but if we can just hit the 7:45am mark without a hiccup he'll sleep till 9am. So I pick it up and a man is on the other end...

Him: " Yea..I got your dumpster". 
Me: Excuse me! 
Him: " You ordered a dumpster, come come out so you can show me where you want it".
Me: Umm...I didn't order a dumpster. And I have a baby so I can't come out.  
Him: You gotta' baby.
Me: Can you come back later.

Then the janky intercom with bad reception cut off. I didn't want to be out of bed but I had to go outside. I mean, who knows what kind of dumpster he was talking about. And this is what I found...

Yes, that is a very large very rusty dumpster. As you can see its so large it takes up nearly an entire parking spot in front of the building and took up half of a large 16ft truck.

Conversation number 2..

Me: Are you sure you have the right place?
Him: Yea, 200 right?
Me: Umm...no. We're 400.
Him: What? Wait a minute. Oh here it is...200. Where did I get 400?

Me: Thanks a lot. ( Followed by me immediately turning around without a civilized Good-Bye)

But can you blame me. Who want to get woken up early to find a nasty dumpster left in front of their building. Talk about bad curb appeal!

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